MICACO residence with Maison des Jonglages (Juggling House), La Courneuve – Seine-Saint-Denis

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As part of its partnership with La Maison des Jonglages, and within the framework of its involvement in the Seine-Saint-Denis Rencontres Chorégraphiques (choreographic meetings), the company led several “Art and Culture in Middle Schools” projects on the theme “Failure and Success” in 2014 and 2015. The company used the show Humanoptère as a starting point and continued to explore the theme with during an extended residency in 2017 at La Courneuve (supported by the Seine Saint-Denis County Council and the MICACO Art in Middle Schools project). The company was enjoyed a long-time term resident residency at the Politzer College Middle School and carried out artistic training with the Conservatoire (from March to November 2017).

Shared learning – the Lomme Circus Circus School & the Northern Theater School CDN, North Lille

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This educational project, involving twenty actors from the Northern Theater School and twenty circus students from the Lomme circus school and directed by Clément Dazin, was launched in 2015. It lasts three weeks a year is spread overand will continue for more than three seasons. The project explores the importance of the body and movement for actors and circus artists and provides an exciting forum for research in which forty personalities, bodies and souls come together. The project is to be rolled out each school year until 2019/2020.

Artist-in-residence at the Alexandre Gérard Middle School in Masevaux – Haut-Rhin County

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Over 200 Students (aged from 11 to 13) took part in sessions held on the sensitive worlds of dance and juggling lasting 45 hours in total. The long-term project resulted in a new short performance by Jonathan Bou, which he presented at the end of his residency in front of the whole middle school.

The artist-in-residence project is supported by the DRAC Grand Est.

Juggling workshop & meeting in Avignon with Scènes d’enfance– ASSITEJ France – Vaucluse

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For the fourth consecutive year, the association Scèenes d’enfance – Assitej France recently organized the project “Avignon’s children in the spotlight” (http://www.avignonenfantsalhonneur.com/), from the 10th to the 13th July 2018.

Over 60 attended the show Bruit de couloir (part of the “Avignon 2018 children in the spotlight” course) and to took part in the workshop and meeting following the performance.