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I believe that juggling is an artistic medium just like painting or sculpture. I love its fragility. It is extremely complicated to address existential themes through juggling and it is that complexity that delights and fascinates me.
Clément Dazin

Clément Dazin
Clément Dazin

Creation and diffusion

Bruit de couloir is a solo created in 2013. After more than sixty performances worldwide (Europe, China, South America, Asia) it continues its tour in 2018 in Panama and Portugal. The show is presented at the Fire Station in July 2018 in Avignon. Surrounded by six jugglers, Clément Dazin creates his company and present Humanoptère in October 2017 at Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf.
With a tour of more than thirty performances from the Montfort (with the city theater) to the Torino Danza Festival in Italy, the project has gathered more than 8000 spectators in more than 20 cities in Europe. The project continues its journey from Berlin to Amiens in 2018.
Clément is supported since his first projects by La Brèche, PNAC Normandy and House Juggling, SC La Courneuve. In 2019, he collaborates with the companies 14:20 and Insula Orchestra to interpret Samiel in the opera Der Freichutz. In 2021, he creates Cosmos, at the Klap, with Ashtar Muallem, and in october, presents its creation Inops at Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf. This show for six circus artists interrogates weakness, strength and resistance. With Trajectoires, touring in 2022-2023, Clément Dazin moves into middle school classrooms for a performance mixing dance and juggling.

Show and other projects

In 2008, he joined the Lyon Circus School and the National Centre of Circus (CNAC) in 2009. There, he had the opportunity to meet artists such as Philippe Genty, Aragorn Boulanger, Fatou Traoré, Johanne Saunier, Julien Clément or Bruno Dizien, whom influenced his work. He explored the links between contemporary dance, Hip Hop technics and juggling. By doing so, he realized how interesting it was to mix these fields

In 2012, he toured as part of the “This is the End” production of the CNAC’s 23rd promotion. In 2014, he was invited by the SACD and the Avignon festival to create a duet with a dance, R2JE. He is also touring across Europe and in the world with “Bruit de couloir”.


Fascinated at an early age by movement and body control, he first started gymnastics at age 6. He turned toward circus and especially juggling at 16 years old as a member of the Point Bar company, where he discovered the joy of creation. He continued learning movement and stage attitude by taking hip-hop dance and theatre classes and by practicing juggling and acrobatics in different places. It gave him the opportunity to discover very different fields and made him realize that there were a lot of walls in each of these technics.

Clément Dazin practices a form of choregraphed juggling, inspired by his many past experiences between dance, circus, juggling and gymnastics. Inspired by contemporary themes, his shows break down the practice, ignoring the boundaries between circus, dance and live entertainment.

La Main de l’Homme

The trays, the public space and the heritage sites are the playgrounds of the white balls of the jugglers of the company

Company with associative status governed by the Act of 1908, La Main de l’Homme has a strong link with juggling and circus in general, but also with gesture and dance in particular. Established in Strasbourg, the company has been co-operating, since its creation in 2016, with creation, dissemination, artistic activities and transmission activities. Very active locally, she also performs at major international festivals, from Rio de Janeiro to Taipei. 


After a solid and lasting support of the Migrators, Strasbourg producer delegates of previous shows, Clément Dazin wanted to be accompanied by the multidisciplinary production office La Magnanerie. With a team of five permanent and ten companies, La Magnanerie was able to bring the necessary tools to create the company in Strasbourg and simultaneously implement the dissemination of the previous plays and the production of the creation Humanoptère. The Magnanerie is in charge of production, administration, communication, international distribution and in France, as well as the social for La Main de l’Homme.