Cosmos is a solo created from the encounter between Clément Dazin and Ashtar Muallem, a contortionist and aerial acrobat. Ashtar expresses her self exploration through an emotional and humoristic performance, as if trying to find the energy and spirituality which link our emotions to our body. Clément and Ashtar invite us to visit the intimacy of our spiritual practices. Through the dance and Ashtar’s body, they’ll highlight the existantial concerns of a thirty something city dweller.

From sacred to profane, the elastic body invites the audience to think, unveiling delicately Ashtar’s paradoxes. With self-mockery, she plays with what is real and what is not. Between memories and fiction, she blurs the lines…

Starting with Ashtar’s memories of her grandmother, the solo will progressively change into a clownish collective ceremony !

Ashtar’s body is elastic. It’s stretching and contorting. Ashtar will ask the audience for ceremonies ideas : make the strongest man in the room cry and collect his tears for THE ceremony, take a virgin’s hair for THE ceremony, burn the picture of someone’s ex and use the ashes for THE ceremony.

Conception Clément Dazin With and by Ashtar Muallem Sound design Gregory Adoir Light and stage design Tony Guérin
Administration, production, distribution La Magnanerie – Victor Leclère, Anne Herrmann, Martin Galamez, Lauréna De la Torre et Sarah Bigot

Producer La Main de l’Homme Coproducers KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille With the support of la Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque de Marseille